Necroratus started as an underground newsletter written January 2001. It was written and shared among young missionaries in a US mission area. Some of the missionaries involved maintained contact with each other and continued to work on small projects. Many of the “post newsletter” projects involve music, art, additional writings, comics, videos, and various stunts.

The initial newsletter commented on a negative part of mission life. It proliferated the idea that there was an underground movement of “agents” brooding around looking to right the wrongs of those victimized by rats. The notion was fanatical and over the top. It was just a fun way to vent feelings and get them out there. It was not really meant to be taken seriously … but it actually got taken pretty seriously. Some would say it got out of hand.

Even though Rats are annoying, mission life was not really negative and the first newsletter probably conveyed the wrong idea about the authors. It was all fun and games till people started getting hurt. Twenty years later, all that can be said is that we were young and there were lessons learned.

We also learned that some of us liked to work together and continued to for some time. We visited each other and continued to work on things together. Some of those creations are still kicking around here on this site.

In short, there were “agents of Necroratus”. We had fun, got into trouble, and kept a few rats up at night.

Who cares? If you found your way here, you might somehow have been affected by Necroratus things. Hit contact and say hello. We would like to hear from you again.